Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Books to Read, Poetry to Peruse, and Monsters to Fear, but Ultimately Love

A plethora of links today, including a Kelly (It's funny cause her last name is Link, see?)

Via Bookslut: Check out two new poems from Sherman Alexie, "How to Create an Agnostic" and "Mystery Train," at failbetter.com. While you're there check out their interview with Susan Choi and learn about irrepressible urges, tight plots, and anxieties over the pantheons of Russian and Jewish literarure.

Every week, the good folks at the Onion A.V. Club throw out a question for discussion among their staff and readers. This week they have an article asking, "What one book would you most like to make the rest of the world read?" Picks range from the pilgrims of Chaucer to the endogged stars of Dianne Wynne Jones. Be sure and stay for the credits, too. As always with these sorts of articles, some of the most erudite, and erm, colorful commentary can be found in the comments section.

And finally, from the invisible world of radio, head over to those uncertain folk at, To The Best of Our Knowledge (TTBOOK as the kids call it) for a discussion of horror, including conversations with Andrew Davidson and Kelly Link about their books, Gargoyle and Pretty Monsters, respectively.

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