Friday, January 9, 2009

Challenges To Be Met in 2009

Hello, readers.

Yesterday, this blogger promised to list his resolutions and/or challenges in which he intended to participate. Being a man of my word, just like the Joker but with slightly less eye make-up, here are some resolutions and challenges with which I plan to challenge myself.


1) Publish three to five stories.
2) Get paid for a review and/or an interview.
3) Celebrate next New Year's in a foreign country.
4) Fail spectacularly at something*.
5) Surprise myself and others. Bonus points if done simultaneously.
6) Continue saying yes to life, as taught by Joseph Campbell, improv artists, and at least one Jim Carrey movie.
7) Be awesome.
8) Have an adventure or two.
9) Get new glasses.

As for reading challenges, I've decided rather than limit myself to two or three, I'll go ahead and commit to many too many. I did resolve to fail at something spectacularly, after all.

1) 50 books challenge, in which I read 50 novels. This will not seem so crazy when one understands that books read for other challenges count.
2) Graphic Novel Challenge, in which I read 18 graphic novels.
3) Read n'Review, in which I plan on reviewing, to some extent, every book I read in 2009. Should help with the getting paid for a review resolution.
4) The Dream King Challenge, in which I become a devotee, or possibly a zealot.
5) The Baker Street Challenge, in which I rediscover a childhood love of elementary deduction.
6) Serial Readers Challenge, in which I read every book in a series.
7) Childhood Favourites Reading Challenge, in which I re-read books I loved as a child, such as A Cricket in Times Square or The Last Unicorn.
8) 2009 Young Adult Book Challenge, in which I act on my rediscovery of love for things of a young adult nature.

Good luck on the new year, readers. Dream big. Fail better. Surprise yourself. Try again.


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