Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Things

Thing 1, The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror anthology is no more. Though it may be resurrected in some new form, thereby upholding the tradition that no monster worth its salt dies the first time you kill it. In fact, Ellen Datlow already has a deal with Night Shade books for two volumes of a year's best horror. This I learned from the article's comments which you should read to understand how much this anthology meant to a great many people.

Thing 2, Secret New Year's resolutions from fictional detectives. Example: "I will steal my mother's clown pants."

Thing 3, J.G. Ballard talks nudie surreal paintings, the importance of living next to a movie studio, and the poison wrapped gifts of modern life.

Thing 4, Christian Science Monitor initiates book podcasts.

Fare well, readers.


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